Scuba Diving

I was blessed/cursed with a well documented childhood. My dad always had a camera permanently fixed to his hand and my mom wasn’t far behind with her camera. At the time I was always annoyed that I could be filmed at anytime. However, as I’ve grown older, the stack of home videos and scanned photos from my childhood are some of my most prized possessions.

So, what does that have to do with scuba diving? Well … nothing really, besides the fact that if you were to watch any summer home videos from my childhood you would quickly realize that I HATED to get my face wet. Swimming lessons were mandatory in our household and it was always a struggle with me each and every summer. Of course I always participated and did okay, but all I really wanted to do was go down the dang slide!

That being said, if you would have asked me 10-15 years ago if scuba diving would be listed as a hobby of mine in the future, I would have laughed hysterically at you! There is no way I would want to be submerged underwater for any length of time.

Fast forward to college. I was tired of all my mandatory classes and wanted something “fun” to do. My aversion to water had diminished so I thought I would sign up for Scuba Diving. My dad is a certified rescue diver and I thought it might be fun to experience something that he enjoyed. Turns out I LOVED the class and the instructors so much that I told as many people as possible to take the class.

One of these people happened to be Scott.

Scott took the class a year after I did and “obsessed” doesn’t even begin to describe his love of diving. It probably helped that growing up he had a pool in his backyard and was a human fish a third of the year. Scott loves the water and everything about it.

Another perk of the university offered scuba class was the optional trip to Mexico they took you on over Spring Break. You can only imagine how excited we were to dive three times a day for an entire week! Since then, any time we are close to the coast or near the Caribbean, we’ll probably be diving.

BUT, since we live in the Midwest, there really aren’t many places to go diving around here … but there is one. Since we are still really good friends with all the instructors at the university, sometimes we’ll pop in up at the university pool when they are having class and simply “blow bubbles” to satisfy a need to scuba. It’s not much, but it’s free and fun.

So, here are some photos that Scott took the other weekend while up at the pool with “the boys” as I affectionately call them. It’s no coral reef, but sometimes you take what you can get!

All these photos are taken with our regular camera, but with an underwater housing.







Definitely some cool photos (between the two of us, Scott is the true artist!). Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into one of our hobbies. Now if only we could get to a wamer part of the world to do some true diving!

– Allie


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