I think every room in our house has a dresser …

Yikes! I think we may have a problem collecting dressers. Our friend “Meg” who hooked us up with all those deals a couple weeks ago, hooked us up again.

When we were at her house during that initial visit, she asked if we were interested in a dresser she had. At first we thought, “Nope! Not another one in this house.” But then we saw it … and it was full of crazy/awesome possibilities.

I’ve actually been lusting after a Pottery Barn wine bar/buffet to go in the dining room. Like this:

Lawton Buffet

But of course, everything they have is WELL outside of our budget. So, when I saw the dresser at Meg’s, the wheels started turning. The dresser is solid wood, extremely well built and has a lot of character. Oh and Meg gave this to us for $100.



Our thoughts are to:

– Raise the whole piece up about six inches by extending the current legs or putting new ones on
– Remove the bottom two, left-side drawers and the shelf in between, and install a wineglass rack like in the Pottery Barn buffet
– Remove the bottom two, right-side drawers, but keep the shelf. This will be used for beer glasses.
– Strip and refinish the entire piece in a dark stain & possibly spray paint the hardware

I’m also thinking of painting the inside of the dresser in the areas where we remove the drawers in a pop of color. Possibly an emerald or dark blue color. Scott and I threw around ideas for a while last night and are excited to get started on this piece. So hopefully, this will be the motivation to get us through the rest of our kitchen/dining room remodel.

So, with this new piece in the house, we officially have four dressers in the house, almost enough for each room: One in the living room that we made into an entertainment center, one in our guest bedroom and one in our bedroom. It’s getting outta control, people.

Phone Photos

We also purchased a square, high table with four saddle chairs from Meg, too. This is actually a newer Pottery Barn table and chairs that she doesn’t have room for in her new house. We are going to put this table in the music room as a craft/work/sewing/whatever table. Two of the saddle chairs will be used under our peninsula and the other two we’ll keep in the music room.



We bought the table for $50 and each chair was $15 … and they are solid pieces. We are pretty excited!

Once again, Meg has pulled through with some amazing pieces, but I think we’ve about cleaned her out. Our grand total for the dresser, table and fours chairs was $210. Not bad if you ask me. Now to just get the rest of the house finished … stay tuned. 🙂

– Allie


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