So Fresh and So Clean

We have entered the last stage of our kitchen/dining room/living room remodel I like to call “boring”. To me it’s the longest, most tedious part of a room remodel … the nail punching, hole filling, caulking, paint touch up, etc. However, as you complete each of these steps, you start to notice other little imperfections that need to be fixed like:

“Oh! All the doors in our house are yellow and not white now that we have adequate lighting and have painted a true white on the walls!”

“Wow! Those door handles look terrible. We should probably spray paint them.”

However, these are the pieces that make a place look good. We have been running the remodeling race for four months now and we’re simply tired and have contracted Remodeling ADD and want to do something else. But, just like mile 20 in a marathon where you hit “the wall” you have to overcome the will to quit because the reward at the end is so sweet (kind of like those races where they give beer out at the end, holla!).

So, I promise we’re still going! We are just taking our sweet old time … and doing other projects like: Stopping our master bath shower from dripping.

The shower head in our bathroom has been dripping for a while now, but the Chinese Water Torture has officially met its demise! We decided to finally fix it because the drips were coming more frequently and we were starting to see some mold spots due to the extra dampness. Gross.

First, we shut off the water to the whole house, then I started dismantling our shower faucet:


As you can see we have an awesome 70’s turquoise shower. I know you’re super jealous.

Anyway, before all of this, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on stopping your shower from leaking. From what I understand, 90% of the time if your shower leaks, you have a bad cartridge. A new cartridge typically runs $15-$30 depending on your type of faucet. Also, if your faucet is a Delta brand they will ship you a replacement cartridge for free! Too bad we didn’t have a Delta faucet.

No, no, no. We have an old Valley shower faucet. So, you might think, “Just go get a new cartridge and fancy new faucet.” Well, no can do. Valley faucets are drastically different from regular faucets and you really can only replace with Valley parts, unless you want to rip out and redo some of your plumbing … which we don’t.

We headed up to our local hardware store and they hooked us up with a new cartridge and new springs and rubber washers. Once we got back to the house, we had to get our current faucet out in order to put all the new stuff in. However, I don’t think the cartridge has ever been replaced because the faucet handle was corroded pretty badly and we left our mark on the handle:


Once we figured out how to get everything back in by following this tutorial I cleaned up the escutcheon plate and everything was looking pretty good. We also decided to go ahead and get a new Bellhaven rain shower head by Kohler from Lowes.


We chose this one because of all the awesome reviews, and I’ll be the first to tell you, it doesn’t disappoint! We also didn’t want to break the bank either. Here it is all together:

House Projects - Fall 2013

Although this project isn’t that glamorous or exciting, we are preeeettty pumped! No more crazy dripping!

Also, in other news, our purple backyard mums are too awesome not to share with you all:


They make me smile. Also, here is Scott’s attempt at an outdoor bonsai tree. It’s been a few months now and it’s still going strong!


Anywho, that’s it from our side of the street.

How about you, any Remodeling ADD you’d like to share?

– Allie


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