These past few weeks Scott and I have been trying to plan our annual getaway for our anniversary. We knew this year would be a little more subdued than in the past couple years due to the kitchen remodel. We initially decided to go tent camping at a nearby campground for a night or two and just enjoy the outdoors and the fall weather and a bonfire.

However, sometimes life happens. While we were visiting our parents last weekend, Scott’s sweet grandpa passed away and our plans were rearranged, for the better. We were able to celebrate the full life of a wonderful and caring man and also see family from all over. It was an anniversary gift in disguise.

Scott and I are both blessed with incredible families and we were reminded of this once again this past week. We both learned many stories we’ve never heard, laughed until we had tears in our eyes and just loved and hugged on each of our family members, thankful that they are in our lives.

When the day of our anniversary came, we took our annual photo:

1-3rd Anniversary
We also decided to go ahead with our camping plans and camped in Scott’s parents’ backyard in their pop-up camper …it was a little chilly to do any tent camping!

We both had written letters to each other and shared a bottle of our favorite wine and chocolate. It was a perfect evening. We even got to hang out with our nephew who is entering the wild and crazy age of two.

Needless to say, it really was another great anniversary. Now that we are back at home we hope to finally finish up the rest of our house projects. Stay tuned!

– Allie


2 thoughts on “Family

  1. Thank you for this wonderful story about our family gathering. And I love the pictures; especially Cypress. I think it’s the first pics I’ve seen where he’s smiling at the camera… 🙂

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