Steal of a Deal

I have been hunting for a couple bar stools to go under our kitchen peninsula. It has proven to be quite difficult because I don’t want to pay $100 per stool. So, I’ve been scouring our local Craigslist-like website for some deals.

Well, I found two black, saddle bar stools that would work perfectly … for $30 total. I was really excited about finally finding something! So, when I contacted the seller, I recognized her name and city and realized that she attends our church. Well, she messaged me back saying she just sold the bar stools a couple days ago and had forgotten to take down the ad …. whomp whomp … BUT she had a few other items we might be interested in.

This certainly piqued my interest! As it turns out, this woman (let’s call her Meg) and her husband are getting older and are downsizing to a more manageable house and Meg’s aunt just passed away and was left with a lot of items from her house as well. Among the items she mentioned she had for sale were: a dresser, a tall square table with four saddle stools, a coffee table, an entry table, a piano bench, an end table, and a garage full of other items that the family had already gone through and didn’t want.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew from visiting Meg’s house for Christmas parties that it’s immaculately decorated and designed, so the pieces had the potential to be pretty awesome.

As we pulled up to their house after church, she showed us all her stuff for sale … and to our delight, it was pure awesomeness! So, rather than keep rambling on about this, here is a photo of our loot … for a grand total of $40 might I add!

Our loot for $40

Way awesome, no?! I will add that Meg is very generous and also a little overwhelmed to be moving AND having to go through her aunt’s things. So, she was more than happy to give us the majority of these things because she said she didn’t have time for a yard sale.

One of the items was a framed boat painting. Scott and I passed over this the first time, but then realized that we kind of have a nautical vibe in the house and the colors match our master bath pretty well and probably wouldn’t have to do anything to it.

Boat Picture

Sidenote: Don’t you love our grasscloth textured wall paper? This came with the house and Scott and I are on the fence about it. I want to do something a little more fun in there, but I’m secretly afraid that there is another layer of wallpaper behind the current … or it could be masking some unsavory messed up walls that we would have to patch or … gulp … replace.

Next up, the wicker chairs. This was something we passed over too (we weren’t on our thrifty A-game!). However, as we were about to leave, Meg pointed these out and asked if we would have a use for them. Scott and I glanced at each other and immediately realized, YES! We can use these! Backing way up to when we got our first place together, we needed a dining room table … well, actually just a table (we weren’t being too picky). Scott was out thrifting one day and came across a solid oak table with 5 chairs that we bought and he refinished.

Ever since then, we have been casually looking for two end accent end chairs, because five is such an odd number. We also have these wicker charger place mats already, so everything actually looks like we planned it.

Dining Room Wicker Chairs

All they need now are some cushions to give them a pop of color.

The next item is a nightstand. We are going to fix it up into a side table for the living room. Possibilities are endless on this baby. Scott and I are thinking a deep accent color and then reupholstering the chicken wire sections with some cool fabric remnant. Either way, we love the style and craftsmanship of this little guy.

End Table

Onto the piano bench. When Meg originally told me she had this, I declined it because, well, we already have one. But then we saw it and it’s waaay cool. We still may not use it as a piano bench, but as a bench at the end of a bed. And yes, more upholstery work!!! (<— This is pure excitement) I truly find joy by going to the fabric store. Scott secretly enjoys the fabric store, too … for 15 minutes … and not a second more. I need my Aunt Sherry down here to spend all afternoon in there. 🙂


Next up, a couple ceramic urns. Again, we weren’t going to take these, but Meg insisted and I realized that I could spray paint these (navy?) and put some fake bright yellow forsythia stems in them, then set the urns on a possible wine bar/buffet table for the dining room.

Ceramic Urn

Now that leaves us with a metal heart and the metal tree. The metal heart was actually in Meg’s craft room. She said she didn’t have a place for it in her new craft room and wondered if I wanted it. Um, yes?! This will work perfectly in our screened-in porch with our “Welcome to Oklahoma” sign (that’s a story for another day!).

Metal Heart

And finally, the metal tree. I tripped over this tree trying to view the piano bench and realized, I could spray paint this! However, once it made it into the house, Scott and I realized that we like it the way it is. So, for right now it’s chillin’ the kitchen.

Metal Tree

So, there you have it! We are beyond pumped for our thrifty finds, thanks to Meg. It was simply one of those things where we were at the right place at the right time. Now we just have to finish up that darn Kitchen so I can get started on some mini projects!

– Allie


5 thoughts on “Steal of a Deal

  1. OMG! That is soooooo awesome!!! I’m so excited for you and all your “finds”! I can’t wait to see it all in place. How cool! So, how much of the curtain fabric do you have? You could use it to make cushions for your wicker chairs.

    • There are actually a couple other pieces that we are purchasing from Meg, but I’ll have more on that later. 🙂 I have about 2.5 yards of the curtain fabric, but since it’s the upholstery type, it’s 54″ wide. So, there should be enough.

  2. Oh yeah! Great deals. You should have plenty for chair cushions. Wish I were down there. I just finished putting a new cover on the mattress for the antique crib. The one that was on it was thin plastic and taped in several places. I bought some vinyl (white) and made it like a cushion with a zipper. The mattress itself, was in good condition – surprisingly. I will have to come down to Paducah for the AQS in the spring and do some upholstery work. 🙂 You guys are such fun.

    • Hey, that sounds like a great idea! Maybe I’ll chip in some for your air fare and we can stay with Scallie and go to the quilt show! 🙂

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