Things that make my heart smile

I wanted to share with you a few items that I am really excited about right now (picture me with one of my signature super cheesy grins). DIY isn’t all that glamorous at times and if you’re at a project for a while, it starts to feel like work.

Now that we are on the upswing of our home improvement projects, we’re starting to do the decorating dance (yes, there is an official dance :)). I will be the first to admit that it takes Scott and I a while in this area … mainly because we like really personal touches. I mean, who doesn’t? And we are also very visual people. So, a lot of times just imagining something and then seeing it in real life doesn’t work out too well for us. We are getting better at it and are slowly figuring out what is really “us”.

Soooooo … here’s some things we are currently diggin’:

Engraved Kentucky Cutting Board

KY Cutting Board

I have seen a few of these floating around Etsy and bought something similar to this for a friend who recently bought her first house. I loved it so much that I asked Scott if he thought this would be a cool addition to our kitchen. He loved it, so I worked with the Etsy vendor to engrave our initials like you would in a tree, along with the date we moved into our house.

This piece makes my heart smile because with all the wedding stuff you get, it’s nice to have something different and it’s a little momento for when we moved into our first home together.

Wooden Bowl


We actually received this wooden salad bowl as a wedding gift. I have always loved it, but it never seems to get much use … and it’s way too cool to keep in a box or on a shelf. So, now this is a spotlight piece on our peninsula. Apple, anyone?

Charley Harper Calendar


This piece really makes my heart smile. It’s the 2013 calendar and was really cheap on Amazon (like $4 cheap). I love his designs and they fit our tastes and colors amazingly well. So, what are we doing with a 2013 calendar in October of 2013? Well, I’m glad you asked! We are going to frame the pages of this calendar to make a gallery wall in the house. Here are some of our favorite ones:


Isn’t his artwork awesome? We are still deciding on whether to use Ikea Ribba frames or DIY our own frames. Decisions. Decisions.



We found this upholstery fabric remnant marked down from $28.99 to $7.99 per yard. Holla! It was buried at the bottom of a huge stack of remnants and we LOVE the pattern. I can’t wait to break out the sewing machine to make some curtains over the kitchen sink and for the back door … perhaps even some pillow covers.

Anyway, just wanted to share that with you all. I’ll give you more updates when we frame the calendar pages and when I make the curtains. Yay for fun stuff!

– Allie


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