Happy Fall Ya’ll!

After this weekend, I feel like Fall has finally, finally (FINALLY!!) arrived. This is by far my favorite season and I love fall more than zombies love brains. Although we received our fair share of rain this weekend, Sunday turned into this perfectly crisp and beautiful day.

I thought I’d share a little of our exterior fall decor with ya’ll!

Fall Decor

I made the burlap, pumpkin door hanger last year. It’s actually reversible so as it gets closer to Halloween I’ll flip it to the side that says “BOO!”. We bought the pumpkins & hay bale at a pumpkin patch near Scott’s hometown when we visited a couple weekends ago for his birthday (check out more on that post here).

The mums, however, came from a man I affectionately call “Mum Man”. He is this sweet old man that stops by my office around this time of year and has a trailer full of mums and pumpkins for sale.

Mum Man
Yes, I was a creeper and snapped this photo from my office window so I could share with you. The mums are huge and typically cost around $20-$25 at Lowe’s or nursery’s. He sells them for $7. Seven dollars. I went overboard last year and bought a bunch of them. This time around, Scott limited me to four. Either way, I love the extra color pops around the house and can’t wait until they are full on blooming.


We have two purple ones for the backyard. I can’t wait for more evenings with the fire pit, pumpkin homebrew and some peanut butter smores.


We had some friends at the house this weekend, so we weren’t able to get a lot of house projects done, but I did manage to paint all of the board and batten! I still need to paint the chair rail and baseboards and Scott is working on installing the crown molding, but it’s slowly getting there!

Here is the mess left from sanding the batten pieces and all the nail holes:


Messy! And here is halfway through the first coat on the walls. I ended up having to do two coats.


We are getting closer to the end of this project and I can’t wait to snap those final “after” photos of the place.

Hope you had a great weekend!

– Allie


5 thoughts on “Happy Fall Ya’ll!

  1. So do you plant your mums in the ground when your are done enjoying them in pots? They are lovely and I can’t believe you only paid $7 for them! October is a lovely fall month. I got 7 small pumpkins from my patch. My mums are starting to open up and be pretty, so that is exciting. You guys are just too fun.

    • I plant and fertilize them in the planter pots, but usually I get new ones the next year because I reuse the planters in the spring. I should try to find a permanent place for them, but I honestly don’t know where we’d put them!

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