Choosing a Door Color

Like I mentioned in our last post, Scott and I are trying to choose color for our new back door. The more I look at photos online, the more I like the look of a navy door. I feel like it’s a really classy color, compliments other colors well and wouldn’t be too crazy when the time comes for us to sell our house.

At first I was really drawn to a mint or turquoisey color. But, I think given our neighborhood and the fact that we have brick siding, I don’t know how well that would look. Plus I also feel the mint/turquoise colors are kind-of a fad … like Chevron … and shag carpet. So in a sense I will be boring and go with a more safe color, but it also saves us from having to paint a door again.

I still need to go pick up paint swatches, so in the mean time I have been playing with some Color Visualizer tools from Sherwin Williams (SW) and Benjamin Moore (BM). With both sites you can upload your own photo to try on different colors, but I’ve learned that you can’t take the color you see on the screen for face value.

The SW color tool was really easy to work with and you can select areas where you want paint and deselect areas where you don’t. It’s very user friendly, but I found it difficult to try-out multiple colors (i.e. door + trim). You have this option with BM but it is NOT user friendly. I almost punched my computer screen trying to use that stupid thing. The program constantly asks you if you want to save your project and you have to toggle between pages selecting where you want color and actually choosing colors. It’s extremely annoying. I hope someone in their website design department fixes it soon. Ok. Rant. Over.

Because of the aforementioned difficulties, I only took screen shots from SW’s color tool. As of right now, I’m liking 4 different colors:
– Naval by Sherwin Williams
– Inkwell by Sherwin Williams
– Indigo by Sherwin Williams
– Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Here is Naval:
SW - Naval - 6244

I feel that any color you view online is going to be lighter and brighter than what it will actually be. So, to give you a better idea, here is Naval with its online color chip and a photo from Megan at Gamine Jean:

Sherwin Williams Naval

See how much darker and richer her door is compared to the color chip and the color tool? I really love this color, but it’s always good to compare. So, I tried another darker color in the color tool – Inkwell:

SW - Inkwell - 6992

Again, here it is painted in real life by Sarah at Form|Function:

Sherwin Williams Inkwell

Isn’t that color gorgeous? And it’s drastically different from the color tool. So, after using the color tool a couple of times and seeing how inaccurate it actually is, I just started Googling colors that might look good.

Next on the list is Indigo. This one is a little more vibrant, but still very pretty. The door photo is from Melanie at Sunlit Spaces:

Sherwin Williams Indigo

And finally here is Hale Navy (door photo from Cathleen at Color Forte):

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

So, now the question is … which one? Or a different one. Do we paint the interior side of the door navy too? Leave it white? If we painted the interior side navy, we would have to coordinate it with our current color scheme. So a part of me wants to keep it white … but we have a lot of white/light colors going on, on the inside so the other part wants a bolder color. Decisions, decisions.

– Allie


2 thoughts on “Choosing a Door Color

  1. I like the look of the “real” Naval door and the “real” Indigo door. You’re just gonna have to get the paint chips to really see what you’re getting, because the effect you get from the pictures depends on their lighting, etc. As far as painting the interior door, hmmmmm, I think I’d stick with white, unless you like re-painting your interior door whenever you change your decorating scheme. I’m sure whatever you do it’s gonna look great!

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