A Pumpkin-y Birthday

This weekend we traveled north to visit Scott’s parents since we hadn’t seen them in a couple months (we’re bad kids!), but more importantly to celebrate Scott’s birthday! I guess the sting of turning another year older is softened ever so slightly when you are surrounded by people who love you unconditionally and will also dote on you and make you birthday cakes!

Scott also cleaned up in birthday gifts. Not only were we treated to lunch at a fancy new local restaurant:


…. but Scott managed to come away with a new Sawzall, a beer bucket engraved with our homebrew name (Gips Meisterbier) and a back-pack leaf blower (not pictured). Oh and he even scoured his parent’s attic for all his Star Wars toys which have now made their way into our house for our future kiddos to enjoy … if Dad will let them.  Ha! 


I will say, the Millennium Falcon makes for a very interesting centerpiece on our table. Maybe I can surround it with pumpkins to make it a little more festive. Oh yes! Speaking of pumpkins … we also ventured to a local pumpkin patch while we were visiting. Our little nephew is 21 months and loved being carted around with pumpkins, checking out the swings and animals, and also excitedly playing “peek-a-boo” with Scott and I. It’s been a lot of fun seeing him grow up and it’s amazing how much he changes each time we come home.



Let’s play a game …. which one of these is not like the other? He is such a doll!

We were also blessed to be able to hang out with Scott’s Grandma. She is such a fun, spunky, loving woman who also brought her own wine and beer to Scott’s birthday cookout! I love that Scott has such a great relationship with her. Each year they try to out-do each other in birthday cards. This year, Scott received an armpit farting card from her, complete with an old photo glued to the back of the card of Scott mid armpit fart. It was awesome.


We ended the weekend with some football watching and bottling our pumpkin homebrew!  It will be ready in a couple weeks and we can’t wait!


I hope everyone else had a great fall weekend. I have some updates coming soon on our new back door that was installed today! 

– Allie


10 thoughts on “A Pumpkin-y Birthday

  1. You forgot to mention what Scott got to eat at the fancy restaurant! Had a great time celebrating your birthday! Looking forward to some pumpkin homebrew!

  2. What fun you have – never a dull moment. Very lovely pumpkins. Evie planted a hill of pumpkins in our garden and we have 8 medium sized pumpkins. I love you hair Allie, it was really cute.

      • Oh yeah, and Addison likes pumpkins too. We had picked three of them, and Addie choose the baby pumpkin, so she took it home with her. Cara likes painting and decorating the pumpkins more than carving, but there is some of that too. You do some amazing carving. Oh Cara found a Cardinals long sleeve onesie for the new baby. Sorry Nick.

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