Easy Weekend

Our house remodel project officially made it to the eleven week mark this past Saturday. A part of me can’t believe that we’ve been working on this for about three months now … but a much larger part definitely can.

This past weekend we decided to give ourselves a little break. Between traveling with work in June and August, hosting people at our house and really, just trying to get items crossed off our remodeling to-do list, we realized we hadn’t had a break in a long time. Granted, we’ve had a blast so far and a part of me was itching to still get some stuff done (I’m my father’s daughter!). So, here’s a little weekend update:

We took Friday off because a door installation guy from Lowe’s was coming by to measure our backdoor to make sure the new one would fit and to see what all he would need in the new installation (to learn why we are getting a new door, go here). After this we laid around and watched a couple movies that were queued up on our DVR thanks to HBO and Cinemax’s Free Preview weekend! (We lead exciting lives, I know.)

We felt like lazy people after this, so Scott decided to brew the next installment of our “Gips Meisterbier” collection and also our fall beer favorite – Pumpkin Ale!

While Scott was brewing this, I was busy taking measurements of our kitchen, dining room, hallway and living room to figure out how much crown moulding, baseboards, shoe moulding, chair rail, cabinet moulding and board and batten “lattice” we needed. This proved to be quite interesting because some rooms already have baseboards (the hallway) but only need shoe moulding, while others need everything, etc.

Once we figured all that out, I headed over to our local lumberyard to check pricing. I had already researched what Lowe’s was online to give me a baseline to work with. I figured the local lumberyard would be a little cheaper overall, but didn’t realize that they would be about 30-40% cheaper on everything! This break will definitely help our overall budget for this project.

Saturday morning we headed back to the lumberyard to buy all the moulding pieces I priced the day before.

The guys up there are always so helpful and will go out of their way to make sure everything is up to your standards. This is one reason why we love living in a small town.

Since it’s still hot and sweaty in our neck of the woods, Scott decided to head up to the pool where some of our Scuba diving buddies hold Scuba classes. Scott has been itching to get his fins wet again and “blow bubbles” with the guys. Once he was back at the house, we decided to head up to the Court Square where our town was holding their annual Ice Cream Festival. We love going each year to eat our weight in free ice cream, check out the antique cars and listen to the little kids sing in the American Idol Contest.

So, this about wraps up our weekend. As the weather keeps cooling off we are looking forward to more evening runs and bike rides.

This is also the time of year when all the tobacco is harvested and smoked. The main indicator that lets us know our favorite season has arrived is all the rickety, old, tobacco barns packed to the roof with drying tobacco waiting to be smoked.

Scott snagged this photo on his last bike ride.

It’s almost that time!

We hope to get back to work and get the majority of the moulding and baseboards up this coming weekend. So, I’ll have more on that in a few days!

– Allie


4 thoughts on “Easy Weekend

  1. heheheh, I remember heading south to FL one fall when the kids were young and we saw our first barn with smoke billowing out of it. I was ready to call someone and let them know their barn was on fire. Well we didn’t have to drive much further to realize that most of the barns had smoke coming from them. So we figured it was something that was supposed to happen as opposed to mass barn burnings. 🙂 We later found out the reason. Duh! I so agree with you on the small town lumber yards (and banks, and stores). You get better more informed service, whereas in or near a large city you get uninformed or uneducated people who aren’t able to help you or find what you are looking for. I can be discouraging. I was looking for hardware cloth one day and they didn’t have a clue. I later found it and got it and showed that person what it was. They got to get their education somehow. (was that an Edgar move???) I hope not. Alright, I have to stop before I get to the lazy and ignorant workers. 🙂

    Even in your “down” time you seem to accomplish more than most. Love ya.

    • When we first moved down here I wondered the same thing with the barns. Even though we don’t smoke, I love the smell! It’s more like a smokehouse smell than cigarette smoke. And yes, the people around here that work at the lumberyard and supply stores are extremely knowledgeable. We’ve learned a lot!

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