And We’re Back!

All house projects were put on a small hiatus while we were out of town these last couple of weeks for a work trip to Louisiana.  We had a lot of fun eating spicy Cajun food and enjoying being around our work family, but it was nice to finally come back and crash in our own bed.

It was a hot and humid 100 degrees while in the Bayou, but at home it supposedly rained non-stop while we were gone.  Our rain gauge tops out at 5 inches and it was full.  This also meant that our grass was crazy tall. But it also meant that our crape myrtles were finally blooming! We bought two of these trees last fall during our local nursery’s “Fall Trees and Shrubs 50%-off Sale”. They were done for the year, and frankly, looked pretty dead.  But they came with a 3-year warranty and we were excited to see them bloom for the first time:

Crape Myrtle
The hot pink blooms complement our hot pink knock-out rose bush on the other side of the house. Yay for pops of color!

Another thing that got out of hand while we were gone was our vegetable garden.  I mentioned to our neighbors to “please pick as much as you’d like while we’re gone” but I think they forgot.  Because I picked about 25 tomatoes, 10 green peppers, 10 jalapeños, and a bunch of banana peppers.  I guess it’s gonna be a salsa/bruschetta/guacamole type of week!

While on the road for 2 weeks, Scott and I kept joking with each other that we forgot what our house looked like.  If there is a hard-fast rule that I abide by while traveling, it is to make sure the house is clean before you leave.  Because nothing is worse than returning home, exhausted, and have to clean your house.

Since we were in mid-construction, there really was no “cleaning” that could have been done.  I mean, seriously, our living room was our kitchen!

And this photo actually makes it look a lot better than it was.

One thing that I inherited from my  dad’s side of the family is that I ALWAYS have to be doing something.  Maybe it’s the extrovert in me, but if there is something that should be done, you better believe I’m on it.  No matter how tired I am.  Scott on the other hand really wanted to rest once we got home. And boy did he deserve it.  No nagging wife here! My super husband worked 90 hours last week and then drove 9 hours home after working a 21 hour day.  The guy deserved a break.

So, he happily laid down and watched a Western on our computer.  Bless his heart!

I on the other hand was rocking some World Cafe on NPR and washing ALL our dishes. We tried so hard to keep them free of dust and nastyness from all the drywall and demolition work; but alas, they still had a tiny film on them. This is one of those instances where I wished my momma lived closer. She was such a huge help when we first moved in and when we washed ALL the dishes then. This time it was up to me.

It was good though, because this gave me a chance to reorganize all our cabinets and figure out where to put things, and if they would fit better here or there.

When we initially tore out the cabinets, we knew we were losing our corner Lazy Susan, which held all my baking stuff and pasta. Although we were gaining a new base cabinet, I knew stuff would be tight. However, by reorganizing everything and putting it where it fit the best, we’ve found that we have a lot more room to work with!

It was overwhelming though, figuring out what was the best place for everything. Especially when the room looked like this:


We also had house guests last night which REALLY got my butt moving to get everything put away. I haven’t taken a final photo of the organized cabinets, but trust me, it looks ah-maze-ing! Almost to the point that Scott and I actually discussed open-shelving. But we quickly routed ourselves back to reality knowing that there is no way we could keep it looking like this and I didn’t want all the sometimes-used dishes to be dirty/dusty when it was their time to be used.

We’re hoping to get a lot of stuff knocked out this weekend like putting all the doors up and possibly painting some walls.  So, fun times await!

– Allie








5 thoughts on “And We’re Back!

  1. I’m so glad you are back, because I missed all your updates. I was almost worried that I somehow got kicked off your list of followers. 🙂 Wow you two are just amazing at the speed and gusto you embrace each day. I’m clapping my hands with joy over your accomplishments. Love ya,

  2. We are so excited about our upcoming visit. Maybe we’ll be the first guests to see the “finished product”. We’ve got a special housewarming gift for you. 🙂

  3. Everything looks really good! Dad would probably like having open cabinets… then he wouldn’t have to guess where everything is! You’ve both done such a great job, I can’t wait to see it! Oh, and the Crepe Myrtle looks beautiful! It’s great seeing color this time of year.

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