Perfectly Placed Plants

Since I haven’t updated on our garden/landscaping in a while, I thought I would write you all a quick little post.

A few things that I absolutely love about the landscaping we acquired with our new house are the bright and beautiful plants that I probably wouldn’t have thought to plant, but am so happy that they are there and are planted specifically where they are.

The very dense and vibrant purple hydrangeas in the back of the house are wonderful to gaze at in the early mornings with breakfast and a nice cup of coffee.  The bonsai-esque Japanese maple in the front of the house is always fun with its weird branches and interesting shape.


But, my favorite are the tiger lillies.  These are in a weird spot: by the shed, against the fence and are kind-of randomly placed.  However, since I spend the majority of my time in the kitchen, these are right in my line of sight out the kitchen window.

IMG_4023-001These plants are so unsuspecting because once they are done for the season, they virtually disappear.  They don’t leave any branches or greenery behind.  They’re done.  So you just have to enjoy them while they are here.

I also love these plants because they remind me of my Grandma who passed away a few years ago.  These were always blooming at her house alongside her deck.  So, anytime you would drive up during the summer, you were greeted with these gorgeous and vibrant flowers.

So, as I gaze out my kitchen window, while washing dishes or prepping fruits and veggies for dinner, I can’t help but smile because these little flowers are just so happy, just like my Grandma and it makes my heart feel full.


IMG_4025– Allie


2 thoughts on “Perfectly Placed Plants

  1. Hehehe so glad that you remember Mother that way. I always thought they were a nuisance. I think I got a start of her plants and put them in a bed on the east side of the house. Well, they started seeding and coming up where I didn’t want them. (I like plants that behave) So I moved them to the west side of the house in a bed they could have all to themselves and they are finally happy and so am I. Mother sure did like flowers. I picked out tiger lily plants from the east bed for 2 or three years after I move them. When I think of (great) Grandma HOltgrewe I think of her roses of every kind and every where. I think that when I was a kid I got thorns stuck in me so much that I vowed NEVER to have roses with thorns on my property or any thorny plant that might cause injury. I was doing pretty good with that vow until Addison gave me a rose tree for Mother’s day. Grrrr! It’s beautiful and I have it planted and I keep it pruned, but it better not mess with me!

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