We’ve got Veggies!!

…. and by veggies, I mean the kind you eat … not a “frontal wedgie.”

For real peeps, Scott and I managed to grow food.  I never thought I would be so darn excited about growing food in my life, but every night we are home I go and check on them like they are my little pets (well … technically, it’s the closest thing Scott has to a pet right now!).

We first planted our little vegetable garden on May 5.  Here is a photo of the planting.  Oh and good thing you can’t smell photos, because since we fertilized the ground, it totally smells like poop.



About a month later on June 2, Scott took some more photos because the plants were HUGE!  I meant to share them with all of you, but I’ve been slacking on my blog posting.  So, I took some more last night after my run.

First, is it normal for zucchini and squash plants to really get this big?!  If so, I had no idea.  They are totally having a hostile take-over of our poor little green beans that are behind them.

Here are a couple photos that compare the garden from last night to three weeks ago:

Vegetable Garden2 6-21-2013 3-35-28 PM


Vegetable Garden3 6-21-2013 3-39-14 PM


The tomato plants are growing wildly.  They have actually produced quite a few tomatoes so far.

Here are how some of the other plants are faring:

Vegetable Garden




Vegetable Garden 6-21-2013 3-13-40 PM




I ended up picking a few of the vegetables that were ready … and a baby roma tomato that had fallen



Again, I have no idea why I am so pumped about this … maybe it really is time to have some kiddos.  Haha!

However, in kitchen news, we are demo-ing the cabinets and bulkhead this weekend.  Hopefully all goes well and I have some pics to show you after the weekend.  Yay!!!

– Allie


4 thoughts on “We’ve got Veggies!!

  1. Your Veggie garden is looking great…and yes squashes and zucchinis do kinda take over. The can grow very very large so need lots of space. Squashes can be grown up a trellis to help and zucchini just need a big patch to grow…on the other hand you are growing the beans with these plants which is a perfect combination as squashes and zucchini deplete the soil of it nitrogen but beans put it back in so well done!! I grow Sweet Corn, Zucchini and Beans together which is often know as the 3 sisters.

    Happy Gardening

  2. You are doing so amazingly well! I shouldn’t be surprised. You have such a great variety. And yes zucchini are big and I have incorporated them in my flower beds and people always ask about them, so they receive their own zucchini when the start to produce. 🙂

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