Listy McListerson – Our Kitchen Remodeling Timeline

It’s starting to get real, folks!  Scott and I met with the people (Jeremy and Valerie) that are going to be installing our kitchen countertops, raising the height of the counters to accommodate for hardwood floors, and will also be building a custom piece of base cabinets.

Here is a bad cell phone photo with terrible lighting (and a super mess) of what our kitchen currently looks like.

Kitchen Before 3

Kitchen Before2

Kitchen Before1

Kitchen Before4

As you can see from the photo above, the upper cabinets over the peninsula really break up the room.  I have the complete list of what our timeline will be but the quick list is: move upper cabinets, new counter tops, extend peninsula counter for bar seating, paint cabinets white, new flooring and pendant lighting over the peninsula.

Here is a rendering done by our cabinet people of what the room will roughly look like

Gibbs, Allie Cabinet Addition 2

Also, after going back and forth over which counter top we wanted, we decided to go with …. laminate!  Initially we wanted Quartz, but that was outside of our budget, more expensive than granite, and we really didn’t care for any of the patterns.  Then, we moved to granite, but everything we liked, we couldn’t afford and it was WAY outside of our budget.  However, the low-end granite was in our price range, but again, we really didn’t like the look of it.

We ultimately decided that we didn’t want granite, just to have it.  We wanted the room to at least look good.  So, after some serious researching, we chose Soapstone Sequoia from the Formica 180-fx series.  It’s actually some pretty cool stuff.  Since it’s supposed to mimic soapstone, there is a slight texture to it, but it’s not bad at all.  I even contacted a woman that had it and she said it’s awesome.  Here is a photo:


Here is the Soapstone Sequoia in someone’s house.  They actually painted their cabinets and bulkhead (area above the cabinets) too.  I keep coming back to this photo thinking, “Our ugly kitchen can look like this!”

Kitchen Inspiration

The only difference is that our counter will have an “ogee” edge.  Which will make it look even less like laminate.  The photo below is the Formica Calacatta Marble with the Ogee edge:


Ok.  So now that you have seen the vision … here is the timeline.  Be forewarned … it is reeeeeeeally long.  But being the list-maker that I am, I’ve included almost every step.  I will say that this isn’t daunting to Scott and I.  We are actually pretty giddy about doing the work for all of this.  Some people really like to go shopping, others like to go to concerts and the list goes on.  Scott and I like to fix up our house.  It’s our jam.

So, no.  We aren’t dreading this, and we won’t rush this.  We know that there will be hiccups along the way, but that is what you get with DIY.  And we’re okay with that.  Ok,  HERE …. WE … GO!

Kitchen Remodel Timeline                                                                                                                                                          

Phase 1 – Demolition

a              Relocate all cabinet & drawer contents

b             Move Upper Peninsula Cabinets to west wall

c              Build bulkhead & drywall over the moved upper cabinets

d             Remove current counter top and backsplash

i        Remove faucet and sink

e             Have Jeremy come and install west wall base cabinets

f              Have Jeremy raise counter top height

Phase 2: Patch Ceiling

a              Patch where upper peninsula cabinets were

b              Install new light fixtures in kitchen and dining room

Phase 3 – Paint Cabinets

a             Remove All Doors, Hardware and Hinges

b             Apply Elmers ProBond Wood Filler to cracks and hardware holes

c             Sand wood filler holes and apply second coat where needed

d             Sand all doors and cabinets (Palm Sander)

e             Wipe everything down with Next Liquid Deglosser (low VOC)

f              Prime the back of cabinet doors and cabinet frames with Zinsser Smart Prime

g             Prime the front of cabinet doors

h             Paint 2 coats on back of cabinet doors and cabinet frames with Benjamin Moore Advance

i              Paint 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Advance on front of cabinets

j              Let the paint cure for 3 days

k             Install Hardware on cabinet doors

l              Re-install cabinet doors/drawers AFTER counter tops are installed

Phase 4 – Install laminate counter tops  

a              Install new sink and current faucet

b              Install pendant lighting over peninsula

Phase 5 – Backsplash

a              Install new backsplash underneath cabinets

b             Grout and seal tile

c              Caulk where backsplash meets countertop

Phase 6 – Moulding 

a              Paint Bulkhead and install moulding around the top

b             Paint and install moulding to go underneath the cabinets

Phase 7 – Drywall     

a              Demo all paneling in dining room

b             Install new drywall in dining room

c              Install crown moulding in dining room and kitchen

d             Paint kitchen and dining room

e             Paint back door and porch doors

Phase 8 – Flooring    

a             Rip up carpet in hallway and living room

b             Paint Living room

c             Lay hardwood underlayment

d             Install engineered hardwood floors

e             Install baseboards in kitchen, dining room and living room

Phew!!!  We hope to have all this done by the end of September/October.  There are some miscellaneous items that aren’t included on this list like: window treatments, bar stools, etc.  But those aren’t must-haves at this moment and we’ll see how our budget has fared after the drywall dust settles.

So, yes, there will be a lot going on at the Gibbs’ house!  We may be asking to borrow some tools and will always take free labor in exchange for homebrew and pizza.  Not a bad deal right?!



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