“Lattice” tell you about some Spring projects….

Scott and I have been enjoying the warmer weather at the house.  We love sitting in our new-to-us-freshly-painted Adirondack chairs and just being able to relax.  We might have even made up some rum drinks. 🙂


Ahhhh … so peaceful.


I’m soooo happy that Scott kept pushing us to get the patio done.  I’m definitely the money-watching-that’s-not-in-the-budget kind of person, but this was well worth it!

Another project that we did the other weekend was replacing the rotting, wooden lattice around the base of the screened-in porch (the photo above was actually taken after we completed the project).  It was brown and pretty nasty looking.



Plus it was coming apart in some areas and little critters were starting to set up shop (i.e. the neighborhood bunny and a Garage Kitty look-alike).  So, initially we thought we would just paint it.  Hahahaha!  That was a ridiculous idea.  With so many nooks and crannies, it was really difficult to paint without having huge drips and runs all over the place.  So we ventured up to Lowe’s to pick out some plastic white lattice.

Here is Scott taking the old stuff down:



We figured that the plastic would be a lot less maintenance and it was cheaper!  We only used three pieces, cut them in half and they fit perfectly.  Plus it makes a huge difference and it cost under $50!




Last year around this time we were traveling quite a bit with work and almost missed all the trees blooming.  Thankfully we were around this year and I was able to snap some photos of our Redbud tree in the back.  The fun thing about moving into a house that was previously owned/landscaped is finding what will appear in the Spring.  Thankfully the previous owners did a pretty good job!




Last but certainly not least is a photo of my friend finishing her first half marathon!  This girl is determined and has worked really hard to reach her goals.  I have been running with and encouraging her over the past few months in preparation for this event.  She mentioned that she had a time goal, but wasn’t sure if she could do it or not.  Well, she did awesome and smashed her goal! I am so proud of her!


That’s about it from our neck of the woods!



2 thoughts on ““Lattice” tell you about some Spring projects….

  1. I love the new white lattice around the porch. It makes it all look brand new! Great job guys!!

    Do you think we could stop by after the Gibbs Family Vacation check-out on Monday? We would love to see it in person. 🙂

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