Adirondack Chairs

Wow.  Has it really been over a year since I’ve posted to this blog?  Sorry about that!  I guess like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this blog has received a face lift and is back in business.

Since it has been a while since I’ve posted anything, it doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing has been going on — quite the contrary actually.  So, rather than spend a gazillion hours and writing up 50 posts all within a couple weeks, I’ll kinda work my way backwards through this past year’s updates.

One thing to check back for over this summer is the renovation of our kitchen!!!!  (Yes, that sentence deserves four … count them .. four! exclamations) Scott and I have some of the flooring picked out, have our countertop choices narrowed down and have purchased some paint for the cabinets.  We’ve been diligently saving our pennies and will hopefully start this project around July.

Ok!  Now for the fun and exciting stuff.  Last summer we put in a new patio (and by we I mean, my mom, dad, sister, Scott, neighbors, etc).  We had to fix a low spot in our yard, and also wanted a space to entertain in.  We have a back porch, but with it having a roof and being made of wood, it really wasn’t an ideal place for a firepit.  We tried placing the fire pit in the grass, but it scorched it.  Hence – we need a patio!  It didn’t really go like that … but you get the idea.

My parents recently redid all their landscaping and had a bunch, and I mean A BUNCH of pavers left over.  So, over the course of a few months, we managed to haul around 1,000 pavers over to our place.  This was no easy task since my parents 1.) live 3 hours away and 2.) each paver weighs 7 lbs.  So, we needed to make a few trips with the truck.

Here is the before:


And here is the after:


Let me also say that to go from picture 1 to picture 2 took about 8 days.  And that’s from groundbreaking to finish.  We have been truly blessed with some awesome family and friends, because we could not have done this on our own!

Sooooooo… topic again.  Adirondack chairs – go!  During this whole patio process, we decided that we wanted Adirondack chairs.  After traveling for work in Plattsburgh, NY, which borders the breathtakingly beautiful Adirondack Mountains, we really decided that we’d like to own a pair.  However, after pricing them out, we decided that $250 for a pair of chairs was a little excessive.

So, this idea was shot down.  But then, the other evening I was browsing on a local Craigslist site and found that a woman in a neighboring town was selling two chairs, footstools and a table for $150.  This definitely piqued my interest.  So, the husband and I went to check them out.  They were in really good condition, besides the ugly paint job.  The woman ended up taking $125 for them after some haggling.

Here is they are after we brought them home:


That’s about 2, too many pastels for my taste!  Scott and I decided that they needed to be painted … blue/green to be exact.  So, after looking through some colors at Lowes, we decided on “Day at the Jewelers” (blue color) and “Wasabi” (green + yellow = grellow color).  We also picked up some comfy red seat cushions.


Thankfully Sherwin Williams was having a 40% off paint sale the weekend we wanted to paint.  So we had those colors mixed into some Resilience Satin finish paint.  And after a couple of evenings and a Sunday afternoon of painting, here is the final product:


What do you think?!  We personally LOVE them, and it’s so nice to sit outside with a nice cup of coffee and a good book as the weather starts to warm up.

– Allie


5 thoughts on “Adirondack Chairs

  1. Ooooo….so pretty! Those chairs with the footstools will be so comfortable for you two. Now, when are you going to find the time to sit in them? ha! 🙂

  2. Soooo awesome! Looking forward to a visit to “enjoy” all our hard work for a change! By the way, what else have you been up to??? Any indoor painting??? Any artwork???

    • Mom, I don’t know if there will ever be a trip where you guys will actually “enjoy” your hard work … at least until kids come. Haha! And there hasn’t been any really recent painting besides the hallway, but I’ll get to that in a later post. 🙂

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