New Side Table

Scott and I have been busy traveling lately with work and also the Easter holiday so projects around the house have really been put on the back burner.

However, we recently have acquired a side table.  We have been looking for a longer table to put near the front entrance of the house.  To buy anything new would set us back a few hundred dollars.  We really didn’t have warm fuzzy feelings about putting a few Benjamins down on a table so for the past couple months we have been scouring Peddlar’s Mall for some steals.

Peddlar’s Mall is a consignment/junk shop where some of our favorite pieces in the house have come from.  For example, our dining room table.  We bought it and five chairs for $100.  Scott refinished it and it’s awesome!  We needed an entertainment center and found a really old dresser that we converted into a slammin new piece for $45.

So last Friday Scott decided to go hunting for a side table piece.  The number one piece of advice while hunting for furniture is patience.  It may take a while to find the piece you are looking for.  Scott has some weird ability to find the proverbial diamond in the ruff.  He then texts me a photo of his finds and my creative juices start flowing to imagine what the piece can turn into.  We make a great team!

So, back to this past Friday.  Scott finds a table … for $10.  I was concerned that it was too crappy to transform.  However, when I got home from work it really looked like we could use it.

Here is Scott with the piece:

You can tell that it definitely needs a little TLC:

So the first step is to sand!  I like to use a foam sanding block.  This roughs up the surface to accept a topcoat and also gets rid of any debris that may come loose once you start to paint:

Be sure to sand outside or you’ll be vacuuming it all up for months.  After sanding you will have little wood particles everywhere.  The best way to get these off is with a tack cloth.  However, we are cheap so we use a barely damp cloth to wipe it down.

The next step is to prime the piece.  We used Kilz oil primer since the table had a slight smoke/old lady stench to it.  The oil primer seals out any odors and keeps the tannins from the wood from bleeding.

Here is the table after being primed:

Here is Scott working hard on painting!

And here is the completed piece!  All we need now are some baskets for the bottom shelf and some flowers in a vase.

Looks pretty good!  Total cost with paint and everything = $15.

Also Scott wanted me to put a photo up of his bonsai for Grandma D. since it has started to flower.  He’s so proud. =)



3 thoughts on “New Side Table

  1. Scott and Allie
    You two are just too much!!!. Your ideas are fantastic and your stamina is unreal. The table is gorgeous. Enjoyed reading about the bathroom. We have been trying to redo our basement bath for 3 years. Also, Allie, you do a great job w/words in explaining everything. Enjoy hearing from the two of you very much.
    Love Jeanette

  2. I love your new entry table – noticed how the table color picks up the white in your wedding dress… Beautiful!!

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