Blue Bathroom and Bangin’ Metal Doors Like Thor

Excuse the title.  I asked Scott what the title of this post should be and that’s what he gave me.  I guess since it’s late, it struck me as funny and went with it.

We do have a blue bathroom though!  I’ll get to that later.  This weekend we decided to tackle more tasks around the house.  So of course this included a trip to Lowes.  We ended up getting some more solar lights (now they line the whole house!), paint for the bathroom, new handles/locks for the back porch door, weed killer, and new house numbers.

We started Saturday off by sleeping in and getting roped into a couple HGTV shows.  They are like crack!  After that we ran 8 miles, showered up and headed to the home improvement mecca.  After we got back Scott was tired and conveniently laid on the couch for a little while watching some college basketball. =)  I decided to tackle the weeds that are multiplying in our flower beds.

After Scott’s reprieve, he took on the porch door.  Words cannot do justice to how much Scott hated that back door handle.  Yeah, it was crappy, but I probably could have lived with it for a while.  Not Scott.  He told me daily how much he despised it.  See for yourself:

The bottom photo is to the outside.  What the photos don’t show is the super creaky noise the handle makes and the fact that every time you tried to open the door the handle felt like it was about to break off.  So we took it off and worked to put the new one on.

Of course, that was easier said than done!  We figured that all door holes are standard.  Well, they’re not!  Also, being an outside door, it’s metal.  So our theory of “making the hole bigger” was immediately thrown out.  So hence the latter part of this post’s title “Bangin Metal Doors.”  Scott took the hammer and beat. the. crap! out of the door.  It was ridiculously loud and I’m sure our neighbors loved it.  So once it was as big as we could make it, we still had to shove the handle in.  It was tough, but now we have a really pretty handle that Scott lovingly has breakfast with every morning.

After all these shenanigans, all Saturday projects came to an end making way for a marathon of project for Sunday.

Right after church, I started on our stone planter boxes outside.  I wanted to get these painted so I can plant some flowers next week.  Here is the before and after:

Now they are all ready for some pretty shade flowers!

Scott came home and put up our new house numbers.  Here is the new next to the old, as well as what they look like on the house:

Finally we ended the day by taping off the bathroom and painting it.  The current color was what is in the rest of the house – a bland brown.  Which is completely fine, expect the entire house is this color!

Here is the before:

Here it is ready to be painted.  If you’ve ever painted a bathroom you know how much it sucks to tape it off.  Seriously.  I thought it would go a lot quicker than it did.  Oh well.  It had to be done!  Here is the tape job and paint color (Sherwin Williams – Drizzle):

And here is the final product!!  I love this bathroom so much more now.  It’s amazing what a little color can do:

Alright, I could talk more about how much I love this bathroom now, but I’ll spare you, plus I need to go to bed.  Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “Blue Bathroom and Bangin’ Metal Doors Like Thor

  1. You guys are amazing! So beautiful…

    Question: I want to put another coat of polyurethane on the cows – what kind should I buy? I want to paint it on this time; I’m afraid the spray kind wasted quite a bit.

    • Do you remember which polyurethane (if any) was used the first time (i.e. waterborne or oil based?) If you used a poly, then make sure you follow up with the same kind or else you will get some peeling issues.

      I know that Illinois passed a law a couple years ago banning oil paint because of environmental VOCs (volatile organic compounds). So just follow up with the same as last time.

      Scott and I have always had success with Minwax. It holds up pretty well. Also, get an exterior poly if you can. Poly’s tend to yellow in the sun, so if you get an exterior one it won’t be as bad. Finally, make sure you brush it on (with a brush specific for the type of paint you use). Rollers will leave tiny little bubbles (pin holes) that don’t go away. Also, if you do more than one coat make sure you use some steel wool to sand inbetween coats. Ok. Sorry for all the info. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. The bathroom looks fantastic! And I really like the new door handle and lock. You two are amazing! So proud of all the things you’ve accomplished! Can’t wait to see it in person. Oh, btw, get some measurements for that patio! haha

  3. I also was noticing you had dirt in your planter. Is that old or new dirt? If it is old, toss on your outside flower beds or compost and use new dirt as the old is probably depleted of nutrients from last planting.

    • It’s old dirt. I’ll have to replace it, but Scott wasn’t home when I had started painting the planters and since they are concrete, they are much too heavy to lug around by myself. I hope to do something planting the weekend, but I’m nervous they’ll all die though when we are gone next week!

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