Spring has Sprung & Other Home Updates

Again, I have fallen behind updating our blog.  We’ve been busy traveling with work and fixing everything up that Scott and I end up crashing every night!  This blog post is dedicated to all the new stuff we’ve purchased over the past few weeks for the house and what our house looks like in the spring.

Scott and I were traveling the first week of this month with FLW.  So, it was a pleasant surprise to come home and see the trees in our backyard in full bloom!  I love Spring because you never know what will come up after the winter.  We certainly didn’t expect huge white trees in our backyard!

And also this one in our front yard:

Scott calls this one his little bonsai. I still have no idea what kind of trees these are.  I’m thinking the ones in the backyard are some kind of maple or oak, but I really don’t know (sorry Mom!).  The one in the front has really feathery leaves.  Scott thinks it is a Japanese Maple.  I really don’t think so though.

Also on our return from a week on the road, we were greeted with a very unruly yard.  As you can see from the photo above, our yard was pretty damp.  Therefore, mowing was out of the question … at least for a few days. So in this time we decided to buy a mower (Yes.  I know.  This would help!); however the mower was on backorder from Lowes for 7-21 days.  Great.  So our neighbors offered up their little Snapper for us to use on Sunday.  It was an old mower but it certainly got the job done!

Scott also insisted that he do all the mowing.  I was against this because his allergies are really quite bad.  He assured me that he would be okay.  Not the case.  I had a pretty miserable husband that evening.  Looks like I will be mowing from here on out … with our new mower … the Husqvarna orange monster!

Isn’t she beautiful?!  Scott says that it looks like his orange OFF! truck had a baby.  Haha!  Thanks to the Streuter family for their giftcard that helped pay for this.  Every little bit helps!

Another item purchased on our Lowes trip was a big area rug for our dining room.  We really needed something to break up the monotony of our faux brick laminate floors (oh yes, they’re vintage).  So we chose the one below because we figured that if one day we decided we didn’t want it in the dining room, it would fit nicely in the living room or a bedroom.

You can also see that we’ve hung up some of our art.  We’re slowly getting there!  Here is a photo of our wine bar.  If you couldn’t tell our dining room has a cycling theme. =)

Another thing that we didn’t realize we really needed were door mats!  That was a quick remedy after I quickly grew tired of vacuuming and sweeping more frequently than I’d like.  So, here are some of our new door mats =)












And also this one by the kitchen sink:

We also found we really needed lights to line the front sidewalk at night.  So we bought some solar lights.  They’re awesome!

Another exciting thing that happened this weekend was a surprise housewarming party for us by our church.  I was actually at mom and dad’s this weekend and went to church Sunday morning with them and then headed back down to KY to have lunch with Scott and another couple from our church and their two little girls.

I arrived just as the second service was getting over and everyone was deciding where to go eat.  The couple mentioned that we could drive over with them, but their vehicle was parked on the other side of the church.  So I headed over with the little girls while Scott finished locking up.  So as I entered the other building there were a bunch of people and they yelled “Surprise!”  I turned around because I thought it was for someone else.  Then asked, “Is this for us?  I don’t know what you’ve heard, but I’m not pregnant!”  Everyone laughed and assured me that this was a housewarming party.

By this time Scott entered the building and everyone shouted “Surprise!” again.  He looked at me and said, “Are you pregnant?!”  He thought that I was in on this surprise as well.  I assured him that no Baby Gibbs was on the way (I would hope I’d tell him first before the entire church!) and this was a housewarming party.  Needless to say, everyone was quite entertained.

Everyone was extremely generous and did a really great job keeping this party a secret.  They gave us a bunch of tulips that are making the house smell wonderful and also a basket of planted tulips and other flowers that we will be able to plant the bulbs in our yard next year:

Finally, I’ll leave you with a photo of a spring wreath I made for our front door.  I love Spring!





7 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung & Other Home Updates

  1. Everything looks beautiful! You’ll be such great homeowners. Maybe you’ll find a teenage kid in the neighborhood who needs to earn a few dollars mowing lawns. 🙂 Scott could barter a few guitar lessons for a mowed lawn. Brett does that with piano lessons and Ivan’s yard. 🙂

  2. I think that may be a Japanese Maple too, and the white ones look like Bradford Pears. They have a funny smell but they are the first to bloom in the spring. I can’t wait to come visit this summer the housing looks so wonderful! You guys are doing a great job making it your own!

    • Alright. Alright. After much debate, I will say you are correct Monica! I’ve scoured the internet researching “native trees to Kentucky that have white flowers” (no joke), and those flowers look like the one in the photos. And I guess that since the Japanese Maple is first blooming, the leaves look really feathery and aren’t full blown leaves yet. Maybe you should have gotten a degree in agriculture or something. =)

      I also didn’t think the trees in the backyard were Bradford Pears because they didn’t smell at all. Who knows. Maybe we got lucky with the non-smelly ones! Thanks for your help ID-ing the trees!

      • I agree that that is a Japanese Maple. There are a lot of different varieties so this is one with feathery leaves. I can’t remember the name, but they don’t grow too well up here as we are zone 4 and they go to zone 5. Darn. I also think those in the back yard are bradford pears, but can’t see the leaves up close or the flowers, so it is just a guess. I do have a Japanese Maple (different variety) and hoped it would do well in a protected area. Well, the second winter 1/2 of it died and it is looking very bonsai. It came out this spring and I’m trying to prune it to a more normal recognizable shape.

  3. Everything looks great! Spring is a great time of year, especially when you don’t know what’s all planted around your house. The flowers that smell so good aren’t the tulips; they’re the hyacinths behind the tulips. They’re probably my favorite because they are so fragrant. And they come back year after year – easy gardening! Looking forward to coming down again and working on some more projects. The pavers are waiting patiently…..

    • Scott is waiting very patiently too! He got on to me for not bringing a load of pavers down this last trip home. Haha! He definitely wants to do that this summer. I just read to him your comment and his reply: “YES! She’s right. We really need to measure this weekend.” Mom, you’re creating a monster.

      • Man, I wish you lived closer. A friend needed a start with her yard, so she came and I gave her a start of this and a start of that and when she went home the back of her little pickup was almost full of plants and you couldn’t even tell where we had removed them from our yard.

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