Painting the green room … green! I’ll explain.

This chapter of Scallie’s projects brings us to our guest bedroom.  When we moved in, this room was designated the “dumping grounds” for all the boxes that came into the house.  We decided to put them in there and deal with them at a later date.

Well, that date was today.  My goal was to get the house in order before we start traveling with work and our weekends fill up.  This gave us approximately 2 weeks.  Needless to say, everything has been going very smoothly to fit within this time frame.  We managed to organize and put away all but a couple boxes from the guest bedroom.  So all that’s left are some knick-knacks and about a bajillion pictures to hang on the walls.  How did we accumulate so many?!  This house is big and has tons of wall space and we’re finding that we are running out of room for all these framed photos and artwork.  I guess it’s a good problem to have.

Alright, now to the task at hand.  This all started Saturday morning when we were hanging/anchoring Scott’s guitars to the wall in the music room.  We played a fun game called “Find the wall studs with our cheap stud finder.”  Long story short, we have some holes to patch, but the guitars look awesome on the wall and they (Appalonia, Clara, Betty, Earlene and Mandy to be exact) won’t be going anywhere!  See for yourself:

There is obviously some additional decorating to be done, but we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of my grandma’s piano.  Once we have this in place, we’ll have a better idea of where everything should go.  But until then, this will suffice for Scott’s guitar students.

Ok, ok, I know I keep getting off subject, but I promise I’m getting to the point.  Once we hung all the guitars we thought about hanging all the other photos.  Well this lead into a debate on how to arrange the guest bedroom.  Once we did that we realized that we didn’t want to hang pictures on the wall since we hated the color that was in there and would have to take down the pictures in order to paint.

Well, why don’t we just go ahead and paint?  We already had a palate of colors picked out since November when we thought we were getting the Washington house.  We also had all the tools for painting (even a box of 3M Blue Painters tape, thanks to some leftover FLW sponsor product, score!) so all we needed was the paint.

However, by the time we realized that we actually wanted to paint the guest room, it was 9pm on a Saturday night and Scott had church early the next morning.  So after I got back from church this morning I started getting the room prepped for painting.  By the time Scott made it back all we had to do was finish taping the crown molding and baseboards.  Scott finished this up while I ran to Lowe’s to pick up the paint.

Here I am ready to paint!

And here we are in action.  By the way, tall husbands REALLY help a short girl out!

We’re old paint pros. =)  This room used to be a little 3 year old boy’s room.  The green we covered up was little kid bright green. It really made me hate the room and it felt like it was a big green screen.  Anyway, the new green is called “Hearts of Palm.”  It’s a Sherwin Williams color from their HGTV collection.

So, while all the paint was drying, we made supper and I tried out my new mini-muffin pan (my birthday present from Mom and Dad) by making some banana nut mini-muffins.  They’re awesome!

Finally it was time to take off the tape.  For those of you who don’t paint much, take the tape off as soon as the paint is dry to the touch.  By doing so, the paint doesn’t have time to cure to the tape, so when you take the tape off it doesn’t peel chunks of paint off your wall.  So, here we are taking the tape off.  Again, it also helps to have a really tall husband to help with this =)

So here is a before and after of the room:

Here is a better look at the old paint color next to the new one.  You can tell how much more muted the green is.  WAY more tolerable!

Now we just have to get all our stuff back in there and we’ll be ready for guests. =)  Also a special thanks to our Sunday School class for helping fund this project, we definitely appreciate the help!



One thought on “Painting the green room … green! I’ll explain.

  1. I love the new color! Brett & I will enjoy staying in that “hearts of palms” room. 🙂 Just have one question: are you and Scott wearing matching sweatpants? or did you just take turns wearing them?! ha!

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