I guess I should change the title to this blog…..

….. to Scott and Allie BOUGHT a house!

As you all probably know, Scott and I are officially, officially, homeowners.  It’s been a long and arduous process, but we did it … we signed our lives away.  To make the whole closing process a little more enjoyable for everyone, I baked gooey butter cookies.  It was actually Scott’s idea as a kind of “thank you” to everyone who has helped us over the past few months.

I will say that baking cookies (and messy ones at that) were not high on my list the night before a move, but I could tell that Scott really wanted some, so I went through our packed boxes and got out all the necessary materials.  Oh, the things I do because I love my husband. =)

So, on Thursday morning we slept in and  Scott sang me Happy Birthday.  For lunch we headed over to a cute little restaurant – Dumplins (one of our favorites!).  They have some of the most delicious casseroles, quiches, rolls, chicken and dumplins, and of course cake and cheesecake! Unfortunately and fortunately for me, Scott didn’t make/buy me a birthday cake, so he thought he would buy me a piece at lunch.  Well, per Dumplins policy, if it’s your birthday, dessert is free.  Yes!  I had a really hard time picking out what I wanted, but ended up with a delicious piece of Butter Pecan Cheesecake.  Mmmmmmm.

After lunch we headed over to the bank (with cookies in tow) for our closing.  Our lawyer is a close personal friend and also attends our church.  He did an awesome job with our closing and title work.  It went pretty fast since he was there explaining it every step of the way.

One interesting thing that developed the week before our closing was the swingset.  Throughout all our negotiations, Scott and I, Krista, and their seller’s Realtor were all under the impression that the swingset was ours.  So, naturally we sold it to a guy in my office.  He was going to pick it up the week after we closed on the house.  Well, I guess the husband wanted to leave the swingset and the wife wanted to keep it and the husband was the one in contact with the Realtor.

So, needless to say, we didn’t get the swingset!  Haha!  We had agreed to sell it to my coworker for $250.  Now we were out that money.  After some negotiations, we still didn’t get the swingset and their Realtor ended up forking up $250 to us.  Ooops.  We felt bad, but a verbal agreement is still an agreement, so we still received our $250 …. and I also let him take the whole plate of gooey butter cookies home.

After all the signing was done, we headed over to the all the utility companies, the post office, etc to get everything changed over.  So, by 2pm we were back at the apartment and we started loading.  We made about 2 trips with the truck and car full before Scott had to head to choir practices.  I decided to take this time to finish packing up and … clean the oven at the apartment per our lease.

I’ve actually never cleaned an oven.  How bad could it be?  I know that you can turn on the oven’s “Clean” cycle and it runs for like 4 hours and literally burns all the crap off the inside of your oven.  Well, I didn’t want to do this.  1) I don’t have 4 hours, 2) I didn’t want the house smelling like burning oven, 3) I didn’t want to pay for the oven to run on super hot for 4 hours.  So, I took the easy way out and used “Easy Off”.

Well, I found out after a trip to Walmart that there are 2 kinds of Easy Off – the 5 minute one with fumes, or the 2 hour one  without fumes.  I just wanted to get this over with, so in my mind I thought, “Fumes.  What kind of fumes?  Surely it can’t be worse than gasoline or finger nail polish.  And it only take 5 minutes.  I’m sold.”

So I scoot on home and try this out.  Directions tell you to heat the oven to 200 degrees, then spray the inside of the oven, close the oven and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then wipe clean.  Okay.  So I head the oven and then start spraying.  Not too bad.  Then I start coughing … “must be the fumes!” … so I grab a towel and put it over my nose and mouth and finish spraying.  I close the open and stand up into a cloud of “fumes”.  Immediately my face feels like it’s burning and I have this incredible urge to scratch it.  My eyes also feel like I was just maced.

So I hurry and open  all the doors then run to the bathroom and start scrubbing my face with water.  Not helping.  So I run upstairs and grab my facewash.  Definitely helped but my eyes were still burning.  So, I take out my contacts and flush my eyes with solution.  I look in the mirror and I see that my face is bright red and my eyes are bloodshot, but I feel a million times better.

Needless to say, I gave myself an Easy Off chemical peel and I will never clean the oven on my birthday and will use the fume free Easy Off next time.

That night we slept in our new (empty) house with a mattress on the floor and drank wine and ate my cheesecake.

Overall a great birthday and we love our new house!



One thought on “I guess I should change the title to this blog…..

  1. What an amazing, wonderful ordeal! I hope others will learn from your experience – you may save some innocent bystander from an EasyOff chemical peel…

    Your storytelling skills are wonderful – ever think about writing a book?! Go for it! The adventures of Scallie… 🙂

    Congratulations on your beautiful new home!

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