Happy Birthday!

Krista called me last night and said that the owners will be closing on their house in Alabama on February 10 and that we can close on our house on February 16!  My Birthday!!  This is super awesome and exciting, and means that we need to get packing!

We have house guests this weekend (Scott’s parents) to come and see the undefeated Racers play against Eastern IL.  So hopefully they don’t mind all the boxes that are starting to consume our house.  Scott has truly been a wonderful husband and has been packing like a mad-man.  He actually packed up our entire house the last time we moved from IL to KY since I started my new job right away.  So, he’s a seasoned veteran.  When I get home from work today then we’ll really start to get the ball rolling.

In other, unrelated news, (well I guess it is kinda related if you want to come visit us!) but the bridge that spans across KY Lake between Marshall County and Land Between the Lakes (LBL) was hit by a barge last night and it collapsed!  The bridge is really old (built in 1932) and there have been plans in the works to build a new one, but construction doesn’t start until 2013, finishing in 2017.  So, things will be interesting!  Definitely will add to some travel time when we go see Curt and Monica. =(

Here are some photos that have been taken of the accident.  Thankfully no one was on the bridge when this happened, which is surprising since 3,000 people cross this bridge every day. Also, no one was injured.  Still scary though!



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Awesome!!! Woo hoo! This is perfect, and you don’t have to pay extra for an extension on your loan! Love it. I’m so excited for you big sister, I can’t wait to come and visit you once your all moved in.

    Why did you post these pictures 😉 you know our mother already is deathly afraid of bridges, this will only add to it 😉


  2. Great news – and timing on the closing! Congratulations homeowners!!! Enjoy the packing and all the fun it will be to decorate. The bridge pictures are pretty incredible. Hope no one was hurt.

  3. I saw the bridge story on the news but I had no idea it was that bridge. Whoa! I’m so excited your closing was set at such a great time. We can’t wait to come see you… from a different route of course. 🙂

  4. I don’t think that was the smartest barge driver. I’m glad no one was hurt.

    Yay! So your closing date went from being on my birthday to your birthday. This house was so meant to be! Congratulations!

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