After talking with Krista yesterday, I still don’t really know when we are closing on this house.  Haha!  The close date that is specified on our contract is February 27.  So, worst-case scenario, we close then.  I’d rather not close on this day at all.  It’s a Monday which means we’d either have to wait until the weekend to actually move, or take off work to move.  And if we do move that following weekend, it’s the weekend before we leave for a week with work.

A better option would be February 21 (a Tuesday).  This is the last day that our interest rate is good until.  If we close after the 21st, then we have to file an extension, which I learned isn’t free.  I’m not sure how much it costs though.

The best option would be February 16 (also my birthday!) or even the 17th.  This way we could have the weekend to move and also two weeks before we hit the road with FLW.  Unfortunately, this probably won’t happen at all.

I learned that the current owners are closing on their new house February 17, then probably packing/moving that whole next week. So the most realistic option at this point is Friday, February 24.  This would give the owners time to pack up their place after closing on their house and would also give us the weekend to move so we don’t have to take off work.  We’ll probably have to pay for the interest rate extension though.

Like I said, this is all very tentative and could change, but the Feb 24 date looks like the one.  So, we won’t be in the house for my birthday. So, Scott, you’re not off the hook for a birthday present. Haha!

Allie =)


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