Home Inspection Results

Yesterday, Scott sat down with Bobby our home inspector to go over the report.  I took a look at it last night, and besides a few minor things here and there, the house looks pretty good.  Scott is going to see Krista today to make up a “Repair Request” to send to the owners.

One thing we’ll probably ask for is a new attic ladder.  The current one isn’t exactly safe and a new one costs around $150.  Other than that, there were some loose light fixtures that should be replaced, but we could do that.  One electric socket was polarized (meaning – backwards).  So I don’t know what the protocol on that would be.  Other things listed on the suggested repairs by Bobby were the gutters need to be cleaned out, some of the doors have difficulty closing all the way, the master shower head leaks a little bit, downspouts need to be further away from the house etc…

Like I said, nothing super major.  Which is good!  Some pluses that Bobby found were that they just put in a new water heater in 2010, and I guess normal water heaters are 30 gallon, well this one is 50 gallon!  So, hot showers for everyone at Casa de Scallie! Definitely a pleasant surprise. He also mentioned that the roof looked relatively new.  He was surprised that the current owners hadn’t put it in (they’ve been there since 2007). So, we’re unsure on how old the roof is, but Bobby said it shouldn’t be more than 6-7 years old.

Shane the termite guy came and inspected the house yesterday afternoon and we are termite free.  He also said that the house had been treated before, but didn’t know when.  Our guess is when the couple first moved in.

We’re getting excited about moving in, but maybe not so much about packing up all our junk. This will be the 3rd move in 4 years.  We’re getting better and better each time!  I know this sounds like a lofty goal, but we hope to have moved out of our apartment within 24 hours of closing on the house. It will be a really long day, but the sooner we move, the more money we save.   We’ll see though.  Haha! I mean, if we can move from Northern IL to Southern KY in 2 days, surely we can move across town in 1. =)

We’ll keep you all posted.

Allie =)


3 thoughts on “Home Inspection Results

  1. The house looks great! Congratulations! Hope you get the closing date that works best for y’all! Love to you both!

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