Home Inspection

Yesterday morning we scheduled a home inspection with Bobby Allen – House 2 Home Inspections.  Bobby did our last inspection on the Washington house.  Too bad he doesn’t run 2 for 1 deals!  We had the inspection scheduled at 9:15 a.m. and decided that we’d let him do his thing and meet up with him at 10 a.m., when he is about halfway through.

When we arrived he had just finished up the interior and was getting ready to head into the crawlspace.  He said everything looked really good on the inside and really didn’t find anything.  We hung around while he was under the house.  He said that there was a minor leak from the master bath shower, but the dripping water wasn’t affecting any wood.  He also said that in the NW corner of the house there was some moisture, but this was due to a downspout too close to the house.  So, this would be an easy fix.

The only other thing is that the heating/air unit is 25 years old.  He said that he was surprised that it had been going this long!  So, this is a pretty big expense that will have to be fixed in the next year or so … unless it decides to quit before then.  We’ll start saving up for a new one and once we get enough money pulled together we’ll probably just go ahead and replace it so we’ll save on energy costs.  Bobby said that a new energy efficient system would probably pay for itself within 4 years.

Other than that, this was all he found.  Scott is meeting with him at 1pm today to go over the whole report.  Our termite inspector is scheduled to come by this afternoon sometime to check everything out.  After that, all we get to do is wait … and pack!

Bobby also made a comment that this house was really well built for being 35 years old.  There was no settling cracks or anything.  He said that it has been well maintained over the years and people have kept it updated.  He also said that this house wasn’t built in a hole like the last one.  Haha!

Our closing date is set for February 27.  However, the interest rate on our loan is only good for 45 days, which calculates out to be February 21.  But, our banker said that he could get the whole process done in 30 days, which puts us at February 6.  So, it really boils down to whenever the loan is approved and ready, and if the people are moved out.  If this is all set to go by the 6th, then we can close then.

My hope is to be in by February 16 … my birthday!

Allie =)


2 thoughts on “Home Inspection

  1. Yay! That is so great. Sounds like it was worth the wait. Its good to hear that everything is going right with this house. Congrats on finding a good house! I can’t wait to come and visit the Gibbs owned house!

  2. Have your realtor ask the seller include a 1 year home warranty in your contract. That’s what we did and we have never regretted it. Our HVAC is older as well but its covered by the warranty and any fixes are just a house call fee no matter how expensive the job. We decided to keep paying for in ourselves after the first year ran out and have no regrets! So excited the everything else was good!!! This is going just the way it should! I’m so excited you all waited!

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