New Year – New House

It’s about time I dusted off this old blog!  We went through a little lull after the whole Washington Street fiasco.  We successfully retrieved all our money from earnest payments, the bank etc.  Definitely a life lesson that we will not forget and certainly do not want to repeat.

Right before Christmas, Krista called and said that there was this new house going on the market in a couple of days and “it’s just darling!”  So, Scott and I went to check it out … but it was well after 5pm, it was dark outside, and we really couldn’t see anything.  Plus we were in the bright orange OFF! truck and I hate loitering around houses in that thing.  I don’t like to draw attention to ourselves while house hunting.  Especially while driving really slowly through neighborhoods.  People probably think were there to snatch up their kids!

Needless to say, we didn’t get a good look at it and said that we’d check it out after the new year.  We kinda forgot about it, but then remembered it this past weekend.  I called Krista yesterday and asked if we could go and see it.  I didn’t have my hopes up, but it was a really cute house.  We pulled up last night and walked inside, and I immediately fell in love with it.  This hasn’t happened to a house yet … so this was really exciting.

With most of the houses we’ve seen, I’ve thought, “Yeah, this one is nice, but….”  There was no “but” with this one.  Sure there are some things we could fix up, but I really, really like it!  Oh, and Scott did too. 🙂

So, since it was dark last night, we got up early this morning to take a look at it before heading to work.  We checked out the outside and Scott crawled around in the crawlspace, and everything looked really good.  It’s also in a cute neighborhood by the High School.  I’m waiting on some comps from Krista, and once we’ve looked over those, we’ll probably make an offer tonight.  So cross your fingers and toes for us and send up a bunch of prayers that this is the house for us.


And what’s a blog post without a bajillion pictures?  Enjoy (crawlspace and all) =)

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