Scallie Project Time

If you’ve ever been to our apartment you’ve seen our entertainment center .. or lack there of.  Back when I started college I bought this solid wood shelving unit that I polyurethaned.  It has held up amazing well.  We purchased it from Target and I believe it was meant to go into a utility room or laundry room.  Well our TV and every other entertainment device is crammed on this thing.

We’ve held out buying a new entertainment center because we wanted to wait until we bought a house to see what would fit.  Plus our Target purchase is still going strong!  Well, after Scott’s dentist appointment on Friday he was all numbed up and said that since he had been a good boy at the dentist that he was going to buy himself a new toy at Peddler’s Mall.  🙂  (Oh how I love him!)

I was at work when I received a picture message of this old 1950’s lime stained wooden dresser.  Scott asked if I thought we could turn this into our new entertainment center.  Now as you probably know, entertainment centers are not cheap, but this dresser had some definite potential and was only $65!

After work, I met Scott up there and we had a real good look at it.  There was even an old grandpa in there that overheard us talking about what we were wanting to do and he chimed right in!  Haha!  He was especially interested in the mirror that was attached to it.  I probably could have made a serious deal with him.  He thought it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.  “They just don’t make mirrors like this anymore!” he said.

After talking a little bit more about what we might do to this dresser, we decided that we would buy it.  I told Scott that I wished it was a little cheaper though.  So, once we got to the check-out counter I asked the cashier if they would contact the seller of this item to see if I could haggle a price with him.  So the cashier called the guy up … and I got the dresser for $45!!  I was so pumped I almost peed!!

We ended up leaving the dresser there overnight since we had to run and meet with Krista.  So, we picked it up this morning.  I’ve included the before pictures.  We are going to journey home so mom and dad can help with the project.  I’m all about some free help and lumber!  It’s gonna be a great conversational piece, just like our refinished table.  Oh Peddler’s Mall, you’re the best!


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